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Agave Collection is a unique accessories line made from agave fiber. Our agave accessories are one-of-a-kind! They are made from the agave plant, and handcrafted by Native Mexican artisans. Yes, our accessories are made with the same material used to make Tequila!


These products are made by artisans that do not always have livable incomes to support their families. However, together we can help to make a difference and create a positive impact on them. When you purchase one of our handmade accessories, you are helping to provide food, clothing, school supplies and medical expenses to these artisans and their families!

For every item purchased, we donate 25% of profits to these artisans in need!

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Обзор iPhone 7 Plus

Обзор iPhone 7 Plus

Обзор iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 7 Plus был представлен 7 сентября 2016 года.

Он получил новые цвета корпуса, защиту от влаги и пыли, новую клавишу home, отсутствие разъёма для наушников. Но об всем по порядку. У меня на обзоре модель #iPhone7Plus с диагональю экрана 5,5 дюйма на 128 гб в цвете матовый чёрный.

Здесь установлен процессор Apple A10 fusion , 2,33 ghz. (К слову, он в 2 раза быстрее процессора на моём iPhone 6) и 3 gb оперативной памяти.

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window well covers

window well covers

HandyManny's Basement Window Well Covers are produced from the best GE Lexan material and Anodized Aluminum, That is certainly Able to support over 800 lbs. Our window well covers are only as strong like a Metal Grate, but prevent animals, debris, rain, snow, and more necessary for anyone falling right into a window well. Allows in 98% of day light that the window wells were designed for. Each Window Well Cover is Custom-Made to make sure a great fit for almost any size or Shape Window Well.

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Solution for Autoimmune Problems

immunity - As confirmed from the nation’s top Immune restoration practitioners; by ingesting high concentrations of immune modulating components, the disease fighting capability can restore to accurate immune function, thus eliminating the inaccurate autoimmune attack which is the motivator behind autoimmune conditions.

The way a Diet Can Relieve Autoimmune Problems

Autoimmune problems like a lot of health problems in the modern era are rising. Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, SLE, Psoriasis and kind one diabetes for example.

Medically the main objective may be on drugs there is additionally a lot of clinical evidence that the diet could have a big positive impact. The clinicians I hear are usually doctors who operate in search engine optimization and see the final results first hand.

I've got a mild kind of Ankylosing Spondylitis which is an auto immune condition which affects the spine. Fortunately I manage mine through dieting and exercise but some with more severe versions can die from this disease.

The most popular factors defined as problems in autoimmune diseases include wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar rich processed foods.

I tested the thought as a result of strong knee pain in the knees very first thing each morning. My left knee was reconstructed 35 in years past and my right knee 8 months ago. Both as results of fighting techinques injuries. At nearly 60 I felt like I was 90.

But just 72 hours into my 30 day no grains with no sugar test my knee pain was down about 50% and continues during writing.

I did so blood tests 31 days apart and two markers of great interest C Reactive protein and ESR. They are both measurements of inflammation and both improved dramatically.

I am not claiming that diet will cure these problems however, if a person feels better by not wanting to eat refined food then there cannot be any harm.

Regarding type 1 diabetes you have to carefully monitor yourself and discuss this with your doctor. You may be interested to know that before insulin was readily available for type 1 diabetics the therapy was obviously a ketogenic diet.

Meaning you burn ketones instead of sugar. This is achieved by eating no sugar, no grains, no refined food, but you do eat fats and protein.

The diet plan also gets great outcomes for children with epilepsy and shows promise in improving autism.

Personally and my clients I recommend no sugar or grains or any junk foods, plenty of non-starchy vegetables, some fruits and good serves of fatty foods. Of interest within my 30 test I lost 4.5 kilos (11 pounds) and my cholesterol ratio improved.

I recommend to start with this after which later go on to restrict dairy and eggs if required. The end result is you are never hungry and you also arrive at eat lots of good foods.

Until you do you will not understand what you might achieve for yourself.

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Interkulturelles Training China

Interkulturelle Trainings

Über 200 Experten aus der wirtschaftlichen Praxis

Interkulturelles Training: Unser systemischer Ansatz – interkulturelle Unterstützung auf drei Ebenen:

1. Kultur

2. Person

3. Organisation

International tätige Mitarbeiter stehen einer dreifachen Komplexität gegenüber. Interkulturelle Trainings helfen dem Management oder den zu endsendenden Mitarbeitern sich auf die Gegebenheiten vor Ort vorzubereiten und entsprechend auszubilden.

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